For NCAC BSA Weblos Cub Scouts working on Readyman
consider this American Red Cross Course

Basic Aid Training (BAT)

Topics - many are optional, therefore course length will vary

Understand the Emergency Action Steps A-B-C
   Correct first aid sequence
   When and how to call 911
   How to check an ill or injured person

Rescue breathing -
   How to prevent choking
   First aid for choking

How to prevent injuries -
   First Aid for wounds, nosebleeds, animal bites, bruises, fractures

The importance of air flow to a fire
   How to prevent fires and burns
   First aid for burns
   How to develop a fire escape plan for the home

How to identify common household poisons
   Safety precautions to prevent poisoning
   First Aid for poisoning

How to defend against substance abuse
   Health and safety dangers in the use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco
   First Aid for substance abuse emergencies

How to prevent drowning
   Safety precautions for boating and water activities
   Rescue procedures

How not to get lost and rescue plans if lost

Appropriate defenses when suspicious adults try to lure children to come with them
   how to distinguish good from bad touches
   what to do if abused

The importance of using -
   automobile safety belts
   bicycle safety equipment
   school bus danger zones
   bicycle safety rules

There is no instructor authorization required to teach the Basic Aid Training program.

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December 14, 2014