Wilderness and Remote First Aid

Updated June 13, 2016

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Our current schedule of offerings is here

Venture Crew 80 is offering the 16 hour American Red Cross (ARC) Wilderness and Remote First Aid (WRFA) course to scouts and leaders heading to BSA National High Adventure Camps and other camps that require Wilderness First Aid Training.

We do this as volunteers as contrasted to a commercial providers.


You must have a current Adult CPR with AED certificate to take WRFA. If your CPR/AED certificate is ARC issued in 2011 or later, it is valid for two years from date of issue for Lay Responder and CPR-FPR courses. ARC recognizes certificates from other providers for the same length of time as the equivalent ARC course. The course must include a skills check in the presence of an instructor. Courses that are totally on-line do not qualify.

WRFA participants must be at least 14 years of age by the last day of the course.

There are no waivers of the above requirements.

Training availability:

We usually teach at churches that sponsor scout units. We understand that having Wilderness First Aid patients around the church on Sunday mornings is a significant distraction and that most rooms are in use. Also, A Scout is Reverent. Therefore, we normally offer WRFA training on two consecutive Saturdays. If another facility is available, we have done the WRFA on a Saturday and Sunday. Please contact us for further details.

Our current schedule of offerings is here

In order for future courses to go, we need a minimum of 8 students for each class. If we have more than 10 students, we will attempt to get a second instructor. We currently have 4 ARC instructors, 3 of whom are also WRFA instructors. CPR/AED will be based on demand. We will do our best to manage a wait list as classes also depend on the availability of our instructors.

Most BSA 2015 High Adventure Camp requirements are that there must be TWO persons, either adult or youth, currently certified in Adult CPR/AED and Wilderness First Aid on each crew. It is your responsibility to verify requirements with the appropriate camp. WRFA certificates are valid for two years from the last day of the coure. After 2 years, it will be necessary to re-take the WRFA course as there is no review or challenge option in the WRFA program.

How to obtain a slot:

In order to obtain a slot, please complete the form below and click on submit. Please understand that we will contact you when we have a slot available. Payment for CPR/AED may be made at the course. Payment in full for WRFA must be received at least two weeks prior to the course. We will attempt to get the books to you prior to the course. Payment is necessary to retain a slot in WRFA.

Venture Crew 80 courses are offered to scouts and scout leaders, using volunteer instructors. If you need the course costs, please submit the form below and we will respond with the costs. There is no obligation on your part unless we offer the slots and you accept our offer.

What you will need to bring to WRFA:

It is suggested that you bring gear that you would normally have for a day hike or backpacking trip - things that you would use in an emergency - a day pack or backpack, ground cloth/tarp, sleeping bag, foam sleeping pad, flashlight, headlamp, hat, sunscreen and a first aid kit. You will not need a tent!

ARC Course Description

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BSA Venture Crew 80 is an ARC Authorized Provider. The course location and cost will be provided by e-mail.

Please plan to wear comfortable clothes. A bag lunch is strongly recommended. We will begin promptly at 9:00 am. If we don't take long for lunch we should be finished by about 5:30 pm.

June 13, 2016